Helping lesbians with disabilities or chronic illness live as normally as possible
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AssistHers is dedicated to creating a community of caregivers who

  • Provide a network of support to lesbian women struggling with debilitating or life-threatening illnesses in order for them to live as normally as possible
  • Educate lesbian women and others about important health issues, with special emphasis on lesbian-related health concerns 
  • Eradicate discrimination and break down barriers which lesbians face when accessing health and social service systems
Assisthers' WalkHers Team
Once a month, all volunteers (care team members, board members, committee members),  guests, and the public have the opportunity to attend a 30-minute education session starting at 11:30 am presented by a variety of guest speakers. This planned interaction enables AssistHers volunteers and guests to interface with members of the local medical and social service community, and it provides ongoing training for the volunteers.  The public is always welcome to attend these sessions at the Bering Memorial United Methodist Church, 1440 Harold Street, 2nd floor, Houston, TX 77006.

The topics are diverse, such as homophobia in healthcare, lesbian legal issues, “Understanding Lab Tests for the Lay-person,” “How to Use the System: Managed Care 101,” cancer screening and prevention, HIV/AIDS, lesbian battering, women and addiction, depression, and so forth. Clearly, the topics address not only specific diagnoses, but they also address how one can overcome barriers to accessing healthcare. Both healthcare professionals and volunteers benefit from this dynamic interaction.
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Second Saturday Education

For the month of March, AssistHers would like to welcome Janine Mazabob. Janine is a Stroke Program Coordinator - Neuroscience Administration, with CHI St. Luke's Heath. She will discuss the topic of : Women and Stroke - Knowing Your Risk Factors

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